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Residential Services

We Deliver Peace of Mind

In a residential community, developing a safe environment should be top priority. Occupants should expect the highest level of security services related to property safety, access control, theft deterrence, and physical harm prevention.

Master Lightning Security Solutions provides an inexpensive way to secure your property with on-site, as well as off-site patrols to protect vulnerable areas. We bring an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services proven to deter and/or eliminate potential risks in a community of homes, condos, and apartments.

Some of our services include:

  • Trained Security officers
  • Random Patrols
  • Remote Patrols
  • Threat Assessment
  • Crime Prevention
  • Guest/Vendor Booking
  • Security Checks
  • Employee Protection
  • Access Control
  • Concierge Services
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Other Services Specific to your needs

Our security officers are committed to the utmost levels of professionalism, respect, courtesy, and customer service. Barefoot Security personnel are well trained to handle all aspects of safety and security, while also adapting to the specific needs of the residential community.

A safe community makes for a happy community. You want to keep your residents, their families and their guests safe, and a big part of maintaining their safety and keeping your neighborhood a desirable place to live lies with your residential security officers.

Our guards offer protection in an atmosphere that is geared to the more personal nature of a residence, with specialized services to meet the expectations of residential clients. Security at home, in the place where people live, is increasingly paramount in the minds of our nation, and the professionals at Master Lightning provide the best security solutions for our changing world communities.

We know security officers often serve as the first and last impression of your community, complex or building. When matching security professionals to residential communities, we look for candidates who are:

  • Friendly and enjoy working with the public
  • Attentive to detail so they can carry out the important tasks of their posts and patrols
  • Easy to communicate with so they can deliver a high level of customer service

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