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Aviation Services

At Master Lightning Security Solutions, we are proud to offer security services for airlines around the U.S.

We are the experts when it comes to aircraft search, client support, and following safety protocols. We train all our aviation guards in all aspects of airline security. Some of the training we continuously provide to our officers are:

  • Computer-based Security Identification Display Area training, for AOA-badge applicants, or computer-based Security Awareness Training for Sterile and Terminal badge applicants.
  • Airport Rules and Regulations
  • Airport “Security Enforcement Program”
  • Use of Airport ID Media and ESCORT Authorities Procedures
  • Other Relevant Airport Operations Bulletins or Security Directives
  • TSA security procedures for flights TO and FROM the USA
  • Confidentiality of TSA processes and Information
  • Enforcement of ID Challenge
  • How to operate at: Ticket Counters, Bagroom, Ramp, Main Aircraft Door, Aircraft Search, Kitchen, Passenger Screening, and overall operations within airport grounds.

With over 30 years in the business, we know exactly what to do in order to reduce risk and eliminate TSA sanctions due to poor searching.

Why Hire a Security Professional?

While many companies offer aircraft search, personnel logging, ramp, Bagroom, and other services, a security officer is better trained to ensure the safety policies are complied with.
MLSS security officers receive extensive training and constant supervision and performance reviews that make emphasis on following procedures and eliminating risk for our clients.

Don’t wait any longer, with today’s high-risk levels in airports, you want to make sure you protect your assets. We are here just for that.