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Master Lightning Security Solutions takes advantage of today's technology to integrate it with security and provide a faster, more reliable service.

We combine mobile and web-based technology with our human resources in order to provide top quality security for your assets. Our reputation as a solid security company, is thanks in part to our use of hardware and software that allow us to better serve you. These technologies give us the opportunity to excel by improving the following aspects of our services:

  • Real-time tracking of our guards and supervisors
  • Digital reports and logs delivered over the web with 24x7 access
  • GPS Location-based guard logging
  • QR codes used to create guard tours in your location
  • Sophisticated software that allows managers to oversee guards effectively

As a Master Lightning Security Solutions partner, you benefit from our use of technology. To mention a few, here are some of your gains:

  • Gain more time: Get an overview of security functions in just one place within a matter of minutes
  • Minimize paperwork: simply log into our client portal to review all security reports and logs
  • Track maintenance issues: allows you to review and manage any maintenance related issues that have been identified and reported by our officers
  • Manage Emergencies and Incidents: Keeping your employees and customers safe is the top priority for Master Lightning Security Solutions.  In order to ensure that our officers respond appropriately to an emergency our Guard Reporting App uses 3 functions to help ensure proper response: 1) An incident checklist that guides officers through an emergency; 2) Digital post orders that provide detailed response actions; and 3) Real time review of incident reports
  • Minimize Liability: Our Security Guard Reporting App helps reduce your liability by allowing you to accurately document the management of any security related matters
  • Real Time Monitoring: Our systems are designed to prevent costly losses such as vandalism, theft, corporate espionage and damaging accidents. You can see our officers in real-time as they patrol your property right from our client web portal

Some of the reports you will have access to online:

  • Daily Activity Reports • Parking Violation Report
  • Incident Reports • Equipment Temperature Log
  • Maintenance Reports • Vehicle Check-In Log
  • Incident Checklist • Post Orders
  • Pass Down Logs • Visitor Check-In Log

Ask your representative for more information on how Master Lightning Security Solutions's technology can help reduce and mitigate loss or damage to your assets.